Saturday, May 30, 2009

Technology & the Socialist Community

I'm an avid gadget and tech buff. Always reading up new and hot items coming off the line or soon to come out, especially paying attention to the functionality and flexibility of its systems. Yes its a hobby and its also a passion in certain degrees, but it also serves a major purpose for the masses that are like me. I believe that we are looking for optimized way to be more efficient.

When we look at new gear and tech that comes out we are comparing its functions and capabilities with the systems that we currently have. We are asking ourselves is it cool? but really we are asking ourselves will this make my life easier and more effective? The demand in our culture to be more effective and do more with less is so great that we are creating the demand for products and services that give us more ease of use and increasing functionality.

With this continual augmentation of technology with a focus on effectiveness, I wonder what are some of the fundamentals that we as Generation Y prioritize. I personally feel that we drive most of our focus through "sharing" be it social or professional. The idea is that we are continually looking for ways to be more connected . . . with everything that we can with as little outlets or peripherals to carry around or maintain.

Can your phone access the internet? what speed? can it read pdf? can it word process? how much is it? and as googlenomics start to come into play in the next decade and the masses will enjoy relatively if not complete free connectivity - how fast? what can't you do on it? how large is it? There are a million questions again varying between different people and how they utilize their peripherals as well as live their lives, but the fundamental of "sharing" information stays the same.

So in a way I find it very unique that as a capitalistic economy our inner need to share, post, read, recirculate information is creating a common area of information where the masses can pull from and benefit. For a very specific example, I say to one of my employees "oh I'm really looking for a new tv. I'm really excited about some of the new technologies coming out with it. Maybe I'll go to Best Buy?" They say to me "why? why don't you check online, craigslist, amazon, etc. price check, read feedback, reference tech sites for reports?" Get the exact same product but through a million different channels and look for a better price with much more research and information.

The thing that really interests me about this simple example is that it made me realize that it covers everything! My employees with me included are sharing our status and events on facebook and interfacing and in effect sharing common information. We are collectively gathering the diversity, talents, interests etc of our staff. Although its not necessarily a huge priority in immediate top line sales it is something to recognize.

Generation Y is helping to create the very community of information thats accessible and editable - all the time. And their demand for products and services that feed into it only create the technologies that foster it. Supply and demand.

I'm not really sure what my point is or even if I'm justified in saying any of what I just said but I thought it was an interesting thought regarding the direction of Generation Y and its effect on our society.